Stocks trading is not reserved for Wall Street brokers anymore.

With VimaFX’s innovative platforms, buy and sell stocks of the leading companies like Apple, Facebook, Boeing, Netflix, and many others.

Stocks trading in brief

While traditional stock trading has a lot of disadvantages – difficulties when short-selling, panic selling and plenty of penny stocks on the market, VimaFX offers you to start with stock CFD trading, which is one of the most lucrative options on the financial market.

Trade effortlessly

Take advantage of the trading opportunities at VimaFX:

  • Use leverage and save your capital for other investments. Shorting stocks is easy, there are no hidden fees or difficulties accompanying it in traditional brokerage.
  •  There is no commission, and the only way the broker is compensated is through the bid/ask spread, which significantly brings down the costs for you.
  • Enjoy our highly sophisticated trading platforms, which allow for one-click trading.
  • Although you don’t own any actual shares of the company with CFD trading, you are able to profit from all market movements (upward and downward) and do so with leverage of up to 1:200.

Instrument Specifications

High Leverage

No commission

Go long or short

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