Invest in indices to share the success of the companies whose stocks are enlisted in the index.

The easiest way to understand the stock index is to picture it as a basket of similar shares.

Indices trading in brief

Typically, indices represent companies of one particular stock exchange (S&P, for example, reflects the average value of the biggest companies on NYSE), but some of them were created to represent a slice of an industry (Dow Jones Industrial Average, Morgan Stanley Biotech Index).
Indices allow investors to track the overall performance of a particular market or country’s economy. Instead of having to research a dozen of individual companies, investors can get their foot in the door of the whole industry, which makes indices investing a safer and less volatile option.

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Take advantage of the trading opportunities at VimaFX:

  • Trading stock index CFDs allows you to speculate on the value of the underlying indices and never own the asset itself. This makes costs lower, you can go long and short and trade on margin (up to 1:200 leverage).
  • Trading indices is similar to trading stocks or currency pairs. Let’s imagine you execute a buy order on Dow Jones index. If the price goes up and you sell, you will earn the difference between the buy and sell price. If the index goes down, you pay the difference.
  • You can start as low as $250. All you need is to fill in a registration form, verify your identity and deposit funds into your account.
  • VimaFX gives you direct access to global indices via our acclaimed digital trading platforms.

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