Our instruments are supplied by the world’s largest liquidity providers through state-of-the-art trading platforms

Here at VimaFX we provide you with a wide choice of financial instruments to trade: commodities (soft and hard), indices, bonds and shares of many popular companies like Apple, Netflix and Adidas. You can also trade contracts for differences (CFDs) on these instruments. Realize all your trading ambitions with our professional tools and impeccable service.


Stocks trading is not reserved for Wall Street brokers anymore. With VimaFX’s innovative platforms, buy and sell stocks of the leading companies like Apple, Facebook, Boeing, Netflix, and many others.


Invest in indices to share in the success of the companies whose stocks are enlisted in the index. The easiest way to understand the stock index is to picture it as a basket of similar shares.


Bonds are securities issued by national treasuries and are one of the safest long-term investments. By purchasing a bond you are lending money to the government for a specific number of years (until the bonds mature).


A commodity can act as an inflation-hedging instrument in your portfolio and increase your profits. Commodities are goods that have been used for exchange and trading for a long while: corn, wheat, coffee, gold, metals and energy.

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