A commodity can act as an inflation-hedging instrument in your portfolio and increase your profits.

Commodities are goods that have been used for exchange and trading for a long time: corn, wheat, coffee (these commodities, produced by farmers, are called soft) as well as metals and energy (hard commodities).

Commodities trading in brief

On major exchanges commodities are traded as futures contracts – agreements to buy or sell an asset at a defined price at a specified time in the future. VimaFX’s clients can enjoy trading commodities as CFD contracts, which take into account the price of a commodity, but don’t involve owning any physical goods.

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Take advantage of the trading opportunities at VimaFX:

  • Trade commodities on margin – multiply your intial investment by borrowing part of an invested sum from your broker.
  • You can start as low as $250. All you need is to fill in a registration form, verify your identity and deposit funds into your account.
  • Go long (buy) or short (sell), making profit on any movement of the asset.
  • Our platforms were designed to provide ultimate comfort and speed for currency traders. Use advanced charting features, daily market analysis, monitor trades in real time or create your own automated trading programs for easy, seamless trading experience.

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