Bonds are securities issued by national treasuries and are one of the safest long-term investments.

 By purchasing a bond you are lending money to the government for a specific number of years (until the bonds mature).

Bonds trading in brief

Bonds investors receive a fixed interest payment biannually and the full amount back when the maturity date expires. However, it isn’t necessary to hold on to your bonds until they mature. VimaFX allows you to trade government bond futures without owning them through CFD trading.
The bond markets operate differently from Forex or stock markets. The higher the bond price, the higher the demand for it and the lower the interest rate. This is because the higher bond price usually means its security.

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  • Leverage allows a trader to make a considerable profit with even modest investments, by borrowing funds from his broker. VimaFX offers leverage starting at 1:50 and ranging to 1:200 on selected securities.

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