Our Safety

Our mission is to ensure our clients have a seamless trading experience, and safety is a major part of that experience.

We value our clients’ peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that we are a trusted broker and spare no effort to ensure trading large sums is completely secure.

Clients’ Funds Segregation

The deposits our clients make through a secure MT4 platform are distributed between the bank accounts of major world banks and are separated from accounts used by the company. They can not be used to pay back other users should bankruptcy occur.
We cooperate only with world-renowned banks that assure additional security of funds. We always use our own money for hedging purposes and don’t engage in proprietary trading.

SSL Certification

VimaFX uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to ensure all transmitted data is securely encrypted. We’re currently using the last edition of this protocol: Rapid SSL. Rapid SSL creates an encrypted gateway between the server and the browser, so that all customer information remains private. When a client authenticates, all servers get data which is scrambled up, except the one secured with SSL. This way, SSL certification helps us deal with several problems at once: user identification and server authentication process, data transmission and data integrity.

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